William Scanlan III

Launched in 2015, Heavy Métl Premium Imports is a mezcal imports company based in Austin, Texas, which focuses on bringing authentic, high-quality artisanal mezcales to the United States. Mezcal enthusiast William Scanlan III founded the company. Heavy Métl works primarily with small batch artisanal mezcal brands owned by the same the very families that produce the mezcal; an anomaly in today’s mezcal market. The company’s line of products includes Mezcal Real Minero, Rey Campero, and Mezcalosfera by Mezcaloteca, Palomas Mensajeras, Chacolo and Caballito Cerrero.

Heavy Metl’s original mission was to only import Agave distillates Mexico, However, a few unique and unexpected circumstances and Scanlan’s flexibility to change course allowed the introduction of other categories of Mexican spirits that all have a road leading back to agave distillates. Recently Heavy Metl added Clande Sotol and Uruapan Charanda (a sugarcane distillate from Michoacán). The family who owns and produces Uruapan Charanda, a little more than 111 years ago were mezcal producers but given that there was no money in Mezcal they began producing Charanda.