Phillip Smith

General Manager

As an Austin, Texas native and Chicago transplant, Phillip Smith has been making moves in the Mid-West bar scene. He started as a bartender at some of the top-tier cocktail bars in Dallas including The Standard Pour and Parliament. Phillip has traveled the country hosting pop-ups, working as a Brand Ambassador for Davos Brands, and recently partook as a second year leader in the SACC apprentice program. Phillip not only is the General Manager at The Walk In, a rising cocktail bar in Chicago's most up and coming F&B Neighborhood, Logan Square, but also acts as the Beverage Director for the One of a Kind Hospitality group which is in the process of opening it's fifth bar and restaurant. Always catching joking flack for his fast, flashy, and Friendly as Fuck" bartending style, he decided to partner with Blaze Montana out of Bismarck, North Dakota to present some of their fun yet functional flair tricks.