Danny Ronen

Principle Partner and Global VP of Projects

Unlimited Liabilities

Danny Ronen has a great nose, using it to find what’s new and exciting in the world of international wine, spirits, food, & travel. In 2001, Ronen formed DC Spirits, a food, wine, & spirits educational organization with a focus on small producers and sustainability – he is continuously grateful to the people and experiences which lead him down this delightful and irreverent path. Ronen is the Principle Partner and Global VP of Projects at Unlimited Liabilities, where he and his partner Russell Davis and team work around the world on food and beverage creation, restaurant/hospitality concept consulting, innovation and development.Previously, as Director of Education for Liquid Kitchen, Ronen was constantly involved in an array of delicious creativity. Under Ronen’s tutelage, the Fairmont and Raffles Hotels have honed their North American and international beverage programs to include workplace efficiencies, from better designed bars to recycling, composting and energy use, all of which produce both speed of service, cost savings and better practices for the environment.

Ronen’s travels produce words and photos which connect chefs, bartenders, importers, producers, and distributors with one another, sparking innovation, inspiration and an increase in long-term quality and sustainable practices. Writing/recipes can be found in Vanity Fair, SF Chronicle, The NY Times, Tasting Panel Magazine. He runs trainings, classes & presentations for thousands of people on such diverse topics as denomination of origin, production and global impact within spirit categories and works on a bevy of product development and brand strategy across the globe. Ronen can be found experimenting and creating new flavors at his bar Academia in Austin, Texas or in a neighborhood near you. Please keep him away from butane torches, hand blenders, and caffeine.