​Bryan Masamitsu Parsons

Beverage Director

Kemuri Tatsu-Ya / Sake & Shochu Director - Tatsu-Ya Group

As both Beverage Directory for Kemuri Tatsu-Ya and Sake Sommelier for the group of concepts under the Tatsu-ya Group, Bryan works pretty heavily with Japanese spirits and sake on a daily basis. With 18 years in hospitality, Bryan began specializing in craft cocktails and Japanese spirits in 2015, leading him to earn a Certified Sake Professional (CSP) certification from the Sake Education Council (SEC) as well as focusing on Japanese Shochu and Whisky.

As a half-Japanese American, Bryan has been passionately involved in the Austin Asian food and bar scene. Bryan helped rebuild the bar program at Soto Japanese Cuisine & Sushi Bar in 2015, moved on to help open for Kemuri Tatsu-ya (#8 "Best New Restaurant in America" Bon Appetit baby!) as bartender and sake sommelier in 2016, created the new Soto South Lamar bar program in 2017 as Beverage Director, then returned to the Tatsu-ya group to manage Kemuri Tatsu-ya's bar program and develop the sake programs at all concepts in 2018. Bryan has also built drink menus for Asian pop-up bar events, provides sake and shochu education to numerous restaurants and organizations, and runs the Austin Sake Social Meetups to provide public awareness & education for Japanese spirits.