Brian Hoefling

Spirits Educator

Brian D. Hoefling (the "o" is silent) is an author and spirits educator based in Boston. In 2012, he founded the Herzog Cocktail School ( to bring the fruits of the cocktail renaissance to a wider audience through hands-on lessons in the history and preparation of classic drinks. In that capacity, Hoefling has taught classes around the Northeast and runs ongoing lesson series in Boston and New Haven. He currently works for Hub Beverage (, a Massachusetts distributor with an exclusive focus on craft spirits from the Northeast. He is also the author of Distilled Knowledge: The Science Behind Drinking’s Greatest Myths, Legends, and Unanswered Questions (Abbeville Press 2016), and has written extensively in other media about cocktail history, recipe development, and his love of New England. When not working, he enjoys a glass of fine, aged rum; when working, he enjoys it all the more.