8 Phrases To Show Off Your Cocktail Prowess

02 January 2018

by: Julia Celeste


Standing around looking hot is easy. Being cool takes work. Add these lines to your party repartee and attract a new crowd of savvy friends and Instagram followers.

  1. Clearly, this bartender understands Sherry. Join John Garrett for a special Sherry 101 Seminar.
  2. What an unusually upscale garnish!
  3. I believe Gatsby served a similar coupe at his grand poolside soirées.
  4. The acid to sugar ratio here is pure perfection.
  5. I remember the first time I sipped this cocktail at Milk & Honey in Manhattan. Sasha served it to me himself.
  6. This may be her most approachable shaken mix to date. Don’t you love the playfulness?
  7. I sincerely appreciate that he properly spanked the mint.
  8. Oh, if only they had used a less pedestrian bourbon! Take a hands-on Texas tour of bourbon cocktails.

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