Kiowa Bryan

Kiowa has spent 18 years in the hospitality industry beginning as a busgirl at the age of 16 in order to obtain a free ski pass at the local resort in Jay, Vermont. Since then she has worked in every aspect of the restaurant business – from hostess, to dishwasher, to manager. After pouring inconceivable amounts of Long Island Iced Teas and Alabama Slammers in New Jersey for 6 years she switched coasts and discovered craft cocktails. It was one particularly hot afternoon of the 5 years she spent behind the bar at the Eveleigh in West Hollywood where she discovered the Ti’Punch and fell in love with Rhum Agricole and Martinique. She then befriended and relentlessly bothered Ben Jones - the grand-nephew of Homere Clement and North American director of House of Agricole, until he gave her a part time job. Last year that job became the national brand ambassador of House of Agricole. Kiowa also enjoys unicorns, the Yankees, and her cocker spaniel Marti(nique) Warrilow McFly and was a competitive figure skater until the age of 18.