Jacob Grier

Jacob Grier is a writer, bartender, beverage consultant, and magician based in Portland, Oregon, where he has tended bar most recently at The Multnomah Whiskey Library, Expatriate, and The Hop and Vine. He co-founded the events group Brewing Up Cocktails, founded the annual Aquavit Week celebration, and works with several prominent spirits brands, including El Dorado rum and Novo Fogo cachaca. He also accepts credit and/or blame for popularizing the Bone Luge, a drinking ritual that Anthony Bourdain described as "extremely antisocial and against all standards of decency" before indulging in it himself. He writes on a broad range of topics, often at the intersection of food, drink, and public policy. His first full length book, Cocktails on Tap: The Art of Mixing Spirits and Beer, provides an in-depth exploration of beer as a cocktail ingredient, with drinks culled from vintage texts and today's top mixologists. His articles have appeared at The Atlantic, The Daily Beast, Reason, Eater, and many other publications. Follow his writing and discover unique cocktail recipes at his long-running weblog Liquidity Preference at www.jacobgrier.com.